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Meet Dr. Todd Kravetz, Physician

Dr. Todd Kravetz is a part of Wickenburg Community Hospital’s extraordinary healthcare team - a team built on the core tenant of servant leadership. Staying true to it’s mission to provide quality health and wellness services where the patient, family and community come first, physicians such as Todd have successfully contributed to the success of the hospital.

Todd isn’t the first Provider to share that working in a community hospital has advantages that far outweigh being in a larger healthcare setting. Owned and operated by its citizens, Wickenburg Community Hospital has cutting edge technology and resources uncommon to a hospital this size. In addition, Providers develop a wide range of skill sets, resulting in continuous growth and engagement.

That engagement extends beyond the walls of the hospital. The people we treat are our neighbors, our friends, our family. The deep connection has resulted in not just treating an illness, but ensuring that our knowledge is shared to elevate the well being of our community. What else attracts Physicians like Todd? Fun! When you love what you do, you believe in the mission, and you have amazing team members, you can’t help but have fun!

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Physician Jobs at Wickenburg Community Hospital