Job Description

Under the supervision of an RN, the Patient Sitter provides 1:1 or at times 1:2 observation of behavioral health patients; assists in the provision of a safe and clean environment; promotes the efficiency of the nursing team; and provides supervision during activities of daily living, but does not engage in direct patient care.

Skills / Requirements

Essential Duties:

  • Obtains verbal report from the patient’s nurse to include information regarding the patient’s identified care needs, diagnosis, visual, auditory, or language barriers, as well as any special consideration (NPO, bed alarms, etc.).
  • Positions self at the entry to the patient’s room facing the patient. Never leaves the patient alone or out of sight. When a break is needed, will notify the nursing staff who will relieve you when they are able. Again the patient is NEVER left alone.
  • Obtains instruction from nurse regarding ambulation limitations and course of action for redirection of patient if needed.
  • May not transport patient for testing and procedures off the unit but must accompany and remain within arm’s length of patient unless otherwise directed by the person performing the test or procedure.
  • Observant of the patient’s activity and behavior and communicates on a regular basis to the nurse. Receives direction from the nurse re: what to report, to whom, and how.
  • Documents legibly on the provided paper tool that will be scanned into the
  • patient’s medical record.
  • Takes and successfully passes a CPI course given by WCH. This time is
  • compensated.
  • Must return phone calls within one half hour of being notified of need for a sitter,
  • even if you cannot sit at the time.
  • Must work at least 2 shifts a month if the organization requires a sitter. A log will be
  • kept of who was called and whether they responded.
  • Communicates immediately to the nursing staff any change in the behavior of the
  • patient they are sitting for.

Other Duties:

  • Applies principles of caring and healing in interactions with patients and families and
  • with colleagues
  • Accurately and legibly records data collected and notifies RN of any untoward
  • events, i.e., behavioral changes, violent behavior, etc
  • Seeks and supports opportunities for professional growth and development.
  • Offers consistent and visible support to team members
  • Complies with all hospital rules, regulations, and nursing standards
  • Verbalizes understanding and responsibilities during all emergency codes. The
  • assigned patient remains the sitter’s PRIMARY responsibility at all times
  • Responsible for honest behavior in all matters.  To the best of the employee’s
  • knowledge and understanding, complies with all Federal and State laws and
  • regulations
  • Maintains the privacy and security of all confidential and protected health information.  Uses and discloses only that information which is necessary to perform the function of the job.
  • Performs related duties as assigned


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a safe environment based on the age of the patients served
  • Must be familiar with “normal” behaviors within various age groups and recognize when the patient is deviating from the norm

Important Notes

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